A Felony can carry a term of imprisonment greater than 12 months. Since your liberty and freedom is seriously in jeopardy you should hire a lawyer like Adam Harkness to fight for you. Each case and charge must be evaluated differently because no cases are the same. The Discovery Tool is one of the greatest ways to get what the District Attorney or Prosecutor has in their file. Discovery is not automatic and must be opted into by the defendant. Discovery allows you or your lawyer to evaluate the case fully and determine your best method for resolving the case. If the defendant does not want to take the case to a Bench or Jury Trial then plea negotiations can be favorable if vigorously negotiated. Georgia allows for several options other than pleading guilty and being sentenced. First Offender, Conditional Discharge, or a Pre-Trial Diversion program are all pleas that should be discussed with your lawyer. Each of these have their advantage and if successfully completed can result in the case being dismissed at the end of the conditions. Call Adam Harkness to discuss your options when facing a Felony charge.