I got arrested: What should I tell my employer?


In the eyes of the legal system you are entirely innocent until proven guilty. However, your employer might feel otherwise depending on what job you have and what your charges are. 


Unless you have a contract that you signed with your employer requiring you to tell them about any charges or arrests then there is no legal obligation to tell them about your arrest. 


If you have a CDL and drive for a living a DUI will have more impact on you than a Simple Battery. It is up to you how to handle your personal situation but if you need advice our team will help with your plan. 


Your employer will likely find out about your charges, especially if you miss work because of being in jail. Your employer might feel better about the situation if you tell them that you’ve hired an attorney to handle things and you’re happy to come back to work while the court process plays out. 


Social Media


Officers will go to great lengths to find evidence against you. Do not post about your charges on social media. Do not chat with friends over social media about the facts of your case. Prosecuting attorneys will likely be able to use your social media posts against you and present them in court as evidence. 

Furthermore, if your case involves victims you should block or otherwise avoid interactions with those people while the case is still pending. Interactions on social media can still result in bond violation which could put you back in jail until your case comes to trial.