You are guaranteed protection by the Georgia and Federal Constitutions against giving statements or performing acts that could be used as evidence against you. This counts for police officers who “want your side of the story” and police officers asking you to do Field Sobriety tests on the side of the road. NOTE: This protection does not cover refusing a blood draw after an Implied Consent warning which can be used against you at trial. If you have any questions about your right to remain silent, call our team and let us help with your case.

Remain Slient Criminal Defense Attorney North GA

Even if you are not charged with a crime, police officers may want to talk to you and get “your side of the story” for an incident they are investigating. Do NOT speak with them without an attorney present. If a police officer or investigator wants to speak with you about anything, politely and firmly tell them that you will not speak to them without an attorney. This will end the questioning and give you time to call our office to talk about what the next step will be.


If you are charged with a crime and stuck in jail because you were denied bond or your bond amount is too high, officers may try and speak with you about the case. Again, do NOT speak to them without an attorney. What may seem to be an innocent question could ruin your chance to defend yourself later in the case. If any police officers try to speak to you about your case, tell them that you will not speak to them without your attorney present. Hire Adam and his team as your attorneys and let us protect your rights and your future.